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Share parks amongst your whole team. Use space  efficiently, reduce admin, and give more people access to parking.

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Better parking for 100,000+ employees

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Instant savings

Decrease car park administration by 70-90% with Parkable's automation tools, user friendly admin panel, and parking app.  Parkable makes it easy for staff to pay for parking while optimising your car parks so you can avoid paying for expensive and underutilized parking leases.

Happier staff

Parkable doubles the number of employees with a positive commute.  With better parking management you can remove daily parking hassles and stressful commutes, helping staff arrive on-time and in a more productive headspace.

25% more availability

Every day, valuable parking sits empty. Parkable lets you track which parks are free and automatically allocate them to other employees. Enable pre-booking, park-sharing and other useful rules for smoother company parking.

Smarter parking
for your workplace

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Flexible for any business or organisation

Every business is different. Parkable is an easy-to-use platform with the flexibility and scalability to suit any car park set up.

Made for any parking type:

  • Allocated, reserved, first in etc.
  • Multi-location
  • Visitor parking
  • EV charging
  • Carpooling
  • Paid public parking (optional)

Automated parking admin

With Parkable, companies typically reduce admin by 70-90%. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual car park checks.

Save time with world-class features:

  • Real time occupancy tracking
  • Revenue dashboards & reports
  • Auto-resolve parking issues
  • Location & user management
  • Manage payments
  • Fringe Benefits Tax reports

Parking for
happier employees

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Parking availability

Use 100% of available car parks

Even before COVID-19 and widespread flexible working, the average workday saw 20-35% of car parks sit empty with staff away at meetings, off-site, sick, or on leave. Parkable's car park management system lets you see which parks aren't being used, and enables park sharing to give more staff access to parking.

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Charge for parking (optional)

Easily charge staff for parking with hourly, daily or monthly rates. Payments can be sent to your company, a charity or the employee who shared their park.

  • Free or paid parking
  • Hourly, daily or monthly rates
  • Incentivise sharing
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Save on car park leases

Car parks are expensive real estate. Make significant savings by optimising your use of parking and reducing your need for current or future parking leases.

  • Better use of existing parks
  • Reduce lease costs
  • Track usage in real time

Built for your workplace

Parkable is designed to be flexible and tailored to any parking set up.
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Tenant buildings

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Office parks

Seamless parking technology


Integrated parking access

Parkable easily integrates with your car park gates and barriers through either Bluetooth or automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Staff and visitors can seamlessly access your car park, while you retain property security. Farewell, swipe cards!

  • Integrate with gates, barriers & cameras
  • In-app bluetooth access
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Exceptional visitor parking
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Manage & monetise EV charging

You can give private EV charging access to staff and visitors, or choose to make EV chargers available to the public. Parkable is flexible if you want to supply free charging or monetise charging stations.

  • Easy in-app payments
  • Real-time usage & reporting
  • Integrate any OCPP 1.6J compliant smart chargers

Join leading employers worldwide

Martin Longley
Head of Digital Experience, MYOB
“Parkable is one of the tools in our toolbox that supports streamlining, and benefits staff and the business.”
Denise McBirney
Office Administrator, Reckitt Benckiser
“Administration on Parkable is extremely straight-forward and very useful, especially the reporting.”
Amanda Collinson - Property & Facilities Manager, TAB
Our people are loving the app and opportunity to know they have a car park booked and available on their arrival to work.”
Ross Turner
Facilities Manager, KPMG
“We want to deliver the best experience for our staff and this includes adapting to the latest technology that provides both ease of use and efficiency. We’ve also found the customer care experience from Parkable to be excellent.”
John Frear - Group Business Quality Development Manager, European Motor Distributors
“Parkable has provided a fair and equitable way to allocate scarce parking resources, and improved the sense of unity amongst the team.”
Tristan Ilich
Data and Telco Leader, Aurecon
“It's important for us to create a great visitor experience and to also create a great experience for staff getting into work
Kimberly Kastelan - GM Marketing & Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Dentsu
“Parkable is the solution we’ve been looking for to solve our parking woes. While colleagues were already sharing their parks on an adhoc basis, Parkable helps us formalise this process and makes it fair and accessible for all employees.”
Julius Moster
Project Manager, Tonkin + Taylor
"Parkable is very easy to work with, both the platform and the people. They do great work and are very responsive and client focused.”
Susie Woolley
Office Manager, Serko
Our people are super happy with Parkable as they can plan their trip into work knowing there is a park available for them. They love the idea that parks are being shared and the return on investment is maximised.”
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